Saturday, April 03, 2010

Yeh jo zindagi hain - 1947 Earth

Song: Yeh jo zindagi hain
Movie: 1947 Earth
Singers: Srinivas, Sujata Trivedi

Jo afsaane dil ne bunee, Unko koi dil hi suney
All the tales that the heart spun, Only some hearts hear it 
Hum haule haule pyaar ki dhundhli fizayon mein aaye
We entered the hazy premises of love

Gehre gehre hain khwaab ki neeli ghatayon ke saaye
The shadows of dreams are a deep blue

Hum tum dono khoye khoye
You and I are completely lost

Sapne dekhein jaage soye
We dream at sleep and at wake

Gumsum hairaan
Silent, surprised.
Ye jo zindagi hai koi dastaan hai
Kab hoga kya ye khabar kahan hai
Ye jo zindagi hai koi carvaan hai
Kahan jayegi ye khabar kahan hai
This life is like some fable,
We have no idea what will happen when
This life is all about the moments
We don't know where it will take us.
Behti hain chingariyaan jaise, sar se paon tak nas nas mein
Like the sparks flow from the head to toe in the veins

Halka halka hosh hai lekin, kuch bhi nahin ab mere bas mein
There is little consciousness, but there is nothing under my control now
Mere ang ang mein bechaini bijli banke lehraaye
There is restlessness in every part of my body that is giving me waves of shock

Ek meethe meethe dard ka badal tan man par chhaye
A sweet cloud of pain envelopes my body and soul

Saansein uljhein dhadke lekin jaane kaisi meri mushkil, hogi aasaan
My breath is confused, but still beats, I wonder how I will ease my difficulty.
This is such a soothing song, with minimal usage of instruments. Both Srinivas and Sujata sound fresh. I love Srinivas's nasal way of ending each note. My pick from the 1947 Earth album.