Saturday, April 03, 2010

Yeh jo zindagi hain - 1947 Earth

Song: Yeh jo zindagi hain
Movie: 1947 Earth
Singers: Srinivas, Sujata Trivedi

Jo afsaane dil ne bunee, Unko koi dil hi suney
All the tales that the heart spun, Only some hearts hear it 
Hum haule haule pyaar ki dhundhli fizayon mein aaye
We entered the hazy premises of love

Gehre gehre hain khwaab ki neeli ghatayon ke saaye
The shadows of dreams are a deep blue

Hum tum dono khoye khoye
You and I are completely lost

Sapne dekhein jaage soye
We dream at sleep and at wake

Gumsum hairaan
Silent, surprised.
Ye jo zindagi hai koi dastaan hai
Kab hoga kya ye khabar kahan hai
Ye jo zindagi hai koi carvaan hai
Kahan jayegi ye khabar kahan hai
This life is like some fable,
We have no idea what will happen when
This life is all about the moments
We don't know where it will take us.
Behti hain chingariyaan jaise, sar se paon tak nas nas mein
Like the sparks flow from the head to toe in the veins

Halka halka hosh hai lekin, kuch bhi nahin ab mere bas mein
There is little consciousness, but there is nothing under my control now
Mere ang ang mein bechaini bijli banke lehraaye
There is restlessness in every part of my body that is giving me waves of shock

Ek meethe meethe dard ka badal tan man par chhaye
A sweet cloud of pain envelopes my body and soul

Saansein uljhein dhadke lekin jaane kaisi meri mushkil, hogi aasaan
My breath is confused, but still beats, I wonder how I will ease my difficulty.
This is such a soothing song, with minimal usage of instruments. Both Srinivas and Sujata sound fresh. I love Srinivas's nasal way of ending each note. My pick from the 1947 Earth album.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya (VTV) Music - A Review

Much awaited from ARR after Sakkarakatti and his Oscar, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya's music held high hopes way ahead of its release. And when it came, it amazed everyone. According to me, this is one of ARR's most quirky and experimental albums in recent times. The songs have a completely different approach and do not follow any standard patterns. And that is exactly what gives the album a raw and exotic appeal which doesn't conform to usual mass standards.

Omana Penne: Benny Dayal, Kalyani Menon
Much was said earlier about Naresh Iyer being the next Karthik and Benny Dayal being the next Naresh Iyer. But with all 3 in the album in their comfortable home zones, its difficult to decide who is the best. Benny Dayal has proved his mettle yet again with this genre. The very unusual usage of classical instruments like the violin and nadaswaram in the background bolster the contemporary rhythm remarkably. This one seems to have left quite an impression on the man by the Mallu lass. Looks like we are going to hear a lot of Omana Penne in fusion music competitions in India.

Kannukul Kannai: Naresh Iyer
Pacing faster than the rest of the songs in the album, this one has some funky techno beats and involves a lot of added sound mixing. Would someone clarify if the opening is a violin or a cello ? If it really is just a violin; only ARR can make it sound that way. We've heard better from Naresh Iyer, but this is definitely not the best of the lot. The persistent hero is not going to let it go easy. The woman has to submit.

Anbil Avan: Devan Ekambaram, Chinmayee
I have almost begun to expect Chinmayee to sound different in every album. How does she manage to do it ? Its a delight to listen to Devan too, his voice just eases you out. Personally I love his voice in the last 20 seconds of the song. Celebrations are in the air. Church music, a disappointed Jeyaraj at his loss for not doing what he has always done and the white vision might just be complete with this track. The girl can't fathom anything beyond our man.

Aaromale: Alphons Joseph
Rock Band aspirants - here is your anthem. Take it and vanish. Yes yes, the strings are very Pink Floyd and Nirvana-ish; we all know that. But shut up and listen to what follows- then go jump. Where did this man come from ? I can almost imagine the crowd going crazy in concerts when this song comes up. Swasthi swasthi sumuhurtham could just be the next chant. There's a strange intensity juxtaposing the softness in the song and more violins, dear lord - have mercy. Aaromale is bound to get you high. No exaggerations! Best of the lot and my pick of the album for endless loop listening sessions.

Hosanna: Vijay Prakash, Suzanne, Blaaze
One minute into the song and you think - ok, so this is going to be the haunting soothing melody, but this serpentines into a foot-tapping, jive-worthy pop. Suzanne's crooning is a like a breeze on a sultry day, you are left with wanting more. Blaaze's rap gives us some hip to hop. Our man is calling out to the girl and he even offers his other heart for her to shatter. And she says Hosanna!!

Mannipaya: Shreya Ghoshal, AR Rahman
Ok, here's your haunting soothing melody. Please don't brand this as the next Munbe vaa. The woman is asking for forgiveness in her honeydew voice and even the most cruel person in the world would oblige her. She seems to have gone the extra mile to get the pronunciation right. Every time Shreya Ghoshal utters Mannipaya (3:45 - 3:57) - it is sheer musical magic. Can some tell me what raga this is? How can I not say something about THE man in this track. Rahman's nasal wheezy high toned voice is unmatchable in this song. He sounds slightly different from what he does usually, that's probably because of the nasal undertone. Lesser said, the better. Just close your eyes and sway!

Vinnathaandi Varuvaya: Karthik
When did we last listen to Karthik sing for ARR ? I could not relate to this song instantly. The unconventional approach is a little hard to take in at first. But it is like tasting beer for the first time, you don't like it at all - but still keep drinking. Beautifully unplugged and very queer.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya with its February release, perfectly sets in the mood for Valentine's Day. The Rahman-Gautham combination seems to have sparked a curiosity already. Let's see if the attraction surpasses the Harris-Gautham partnership. But overall, VTV as an album is a delight !

Friday, January 23, 2009

Delhi 6 - Music Review

AR Rahman sure knows how to live up to his name and fame. I can go on writing about this album, but somehow I find myself comparing it to the charm that Alaipayuthey/Saathiya created. It makes you feel happy about yourself.

The album opens with a devotional song, that does not really invoke a prayerful instinct as Ik Onkaar or O Paalanhare or Pal pal hai bhaari. But somehow this seems more like a wedding song than a prayer. Maybe its because of the all women playback and the dholaks.

My respect for Javed Ali has increased multifold with this Sufi qawwali. Teaming with Kailash Kher, the song has a divine feeling to it. The jugalbandi in the second antara and the opening by Javed Ali is hair raising. The Islamic side to Delhi(ala Jama masjid, Red Fort et al) is brought out beautifully in this song.

Bhor Bhaye:
A complete-full-fledged-classical-thumri. A woman with a honey coated voice and a legend who has literally stripped every swara in music. A delight for every person who appreciates classical music. Winding, complex alaaps and big expectations from Shreya, and I bet she's lived upto it.

Delhi 6:
Wild ! Insanely brilliant stuff. Brings out the true spirit of the capital in a hip-hoppish style. Total upbeat score.

Dil Gira Dafatan:
Ash King is a popular British singer. But somehow his singing doesn't appeal to me. But what leaves me curious is the usage of the word "Dafatan". How many times have you heard it really ? It means, "suddenly". Chinmayi has 4 lines to herself and breezes through like a zephyr. Serene, yet rustles and refuses to settle down.

Genda Phool:
Think of a wedding'ish folk with someone like Rekha Bharadwaj of "Namak ishq ka" fame. And now think of techno beats along with her nasal undertone. Throw in a little raucous cuckoo'ing. Hard to imagine? Listen to this track.
Fusion at its best and the man has to be lauded for only he can pull off such a thing without making it sound awkward.

Hey kaala bandar:
This reminds me of some mocking song as well, but I can't quite place it right now. I'm probably high on music. Quite funky and I'm raising eyebrows at Srinivas in such a song. After Zindagi from Yuvvraaj, I'd lost hope on him to sing fast paced numbers, leave alone be part of one. This song has familiar bits from Dil ka rishta (Yuvvraaj)

Before you ask me what on earth it means, its named after the type of dove that you see sitting on Sonam Kapoor's head in the video. The song has a casual attitude to itself and is very easy going. You feel yourself being carried away by Mohit Chauhan in the mataks. :P

A poem. Solemn. Heartful. Period.

Rehna Tu:
The opening reminded me of Rangeela for a moment. Somehow I am not able to describe what I feel about this song. The arrangement and usage of vivid instruments that one can't distinguish, its a treat to any hard-core music lover.

Quoting Prasoon Joshi's line from one of the songs -
Gali hai deewano ki Dilli 6 !

Guzaarish lyrics - Ghajini- Translation to english

Singers: Javed Ali, Sonu Nigam
Music: AR.Rahman
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi

Tu meri adhoori pyaas pyaas, tu aa gayi mann ko raas raas, ab toh
You are my unquenched thirst, I'm in love with you
ab toh tu aaja paas paas, Hai guzaarish
Please come to me at least now, this is a request.
Hain haal to dil ka tang tang, tu rang ja mere rang rang
The status of my heart is pitiful, let's get you colored in my hues
Bas chalna mere sang sang, Hai guzaarish
Just walk along with me, I request you.
Kehde tu haan toh jindagi, zharano se chhutke hasegi
If you say yes, life will smile at us,
Moti honge moti raaho mein yeah yeah yeah
Our paths will be strewn with pearls, yes.

Shishe ke khwaab leke, raato mein chal raha hu, takara naa jaaun kahin
Taking along dreams made of glass, I'm walking the nights, I hope I don't collide somewhere.
Aasha ki lau hain roshan, phir bhi tufaan kaa darr hain, laun bhuj naa jaye kahin
Light is the flame of hope, yet, I fear the hurricane. I hope the flame doesn't extinguish.
Bas ek haan ki guzaarish, phir hogi khushiyo ki baarish.
Just one request for your approval, then it will rain happiness on us.

Chanda hain aasman hain, aur baadal bhee ghane hain, yeh chanda chhup jaaye naa
There is the moon and the sky, and also the gloomy clouds, I wish the moon doesn't hide itself
Tanhaayi das rahi hain,aur dhadkan badh rahi hain, ek pal bhi chain aaye naa
This loneliness is killing me, and heartbeats are on the rise, my peace is long lost.
Kaisi ajab dastaan hain, bechainiyaan bas yahaan hai.
This story is so peculiar, only impatience is left here.

Javed Ali's voice grows on you magically. There is a certain longing along with the tranquility associated with this song. With amazing picturesque locations, the song could not have been more beautiful. Aamir looks sensational and Asin carries herself with poise.
My pick from the Ghajini album.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Taare Zameen Par lryics - English translation

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan,Dominique,Viviene
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Dekho Inhein Yeh Hain Aus Ki Boondein
Patton Ki Godh Mein Aasmaan Se Koodein
Look at them, they are like the drops of dew that hopped on to leaves from the sky

Angdayee Lein Phir Karwat Badal Kar
They take change in their own ways

Nazuk Se Moti Hans De Phisal Kar
These gentle pearls who laugh when they slip

Kho Na Jaaye Ye Taare Zameen Par
I wish these stars don't get lost on this Earth.

Yeh To Hain Sardi Mein Dhoop Ki Kirne
These are the rays of warmth during winter

Utarein Jo Aangan Ko Sunhera Sa Karne
who have descended to bring the golden light to your houses

Mann Ke Aandheron Ko Roshan Sa Kar Dein
in order to brighten up your gloomy hearts

Thiturti Hatheli Ki Rangat Badal Dein
To change the characteristic of the shaking palms

Jaise Aankhon Ki Dibiya Mein Nindiya
Like the sleep in your eyes

Aur Nindiya Mein Meetha Sa Sapna
Of the dreams in your sleep

Aur Sapne Mein Mil Jaaye Farishta Sa Koi
Like meeting the angel of your dreams

Jaise Rangon Bhari Pichkari
Like a pump filled with vibrant hues

Jaise Titliyan Phoolon Ki Kyari
Like butterflies on fragrant flowers

Jaise Bina Matlab Ka Pyara Rishta Ho Koi
Like a meaningful relationship full of love

Yeh To Aasha Ki Lehar Hain
These are the wave of hope

Yeh To Ummeed Ki Sehar Hain
They are the dawn filled with optimism

Khusiyon Ki Nehar Hain
They are the canal of happiness

Dekho Raaton Ke Seeney Pe Yeh Toh

Jhilmil Kisi Lau Se Ugey Hain
Look at how they have sprouted like a flame against the dark sky's chest

Yeh To Amboya Ki Khusboo Hain Baagon Se Beh Chale
They are the odour of the Ambya flower that have drifted from their gardens

Jaise Kaanch Mein Choodi Ke Tukde
Like the broken pieces of a glass bangle

Jaise Khiley Khiley Phoolon Ke Mukhdey
Like the fully blossomed flower

Jaise Bansi Koi Bajaye Pedon Ke Taley
As if someone is playing the flute amidst a copse of trees

Yeh To Jhonke Hain Pawan Ke
They are the gentle zephyr

Hain Yeh Ghungharoo Jeewan Ke
They are the anklet bells of life

Yeh To Sur Hain Chaman Ke
They are the tune of the garden of spring

Muhaley Ki Raunak
Of the luminance in a colony,

Galiyan Hain Jaise
Khilney Ki Zid Par Kaliyan Hain JaiseLike the streets are
Like the the buds pestering to blossom

Muthi Mein Mausam Ki Jaise Hawayein
Like the breeze in the fists of the weather

Yeh Hain Buzurgon Ke Dil Ki Duwayein
They are the blessings of the aged.

Kabhi Baatein Jaise Dadi Nani
Sometimes they talk like our grandmothers

Kabhi Chalkein Jaise Mum Mum Paani
Sometimes they spill like the lukewarm water

Kabhi Ban Jaaye Bhole Sawaalon Ki Jhadi
Sometimes they become the bush full of innocent questions

Sannatey Mein Hansee Ke Jaise
Like the laughter in a silent environment

Sooney Hothon Pe Khushi Ke Jaise
Like the smile of joy on someone's dry lips

Yeh To Noor Hain Barse agar Teri Kismat Ho Badi
Your fate must be blessed to come across these gems

Jaise Jheel Mein Lehraye Chanda
Like the moon drifts at the reflection of a lake
Jaise Bheed Mein Apne Ka Kandha
Like the support of a loved one in a crowd
Jaise Manmauji Nadiya Jhaag Udaye Kuch Kahe
Like the exuberant river spumes froth
Kaliyan Hain Jaise
Like the buds are
Jaise Baithe Meethi Si Jhapki
They sit like the sweet hugs
Jaise Pyar Ki Dheemi Si Thapki
Like the affectionate touch of love
Jaise Kaanon Mein Sargam Hardam Bajti Hi Rahe
Like the dulcet melody of the 7 swaras keep playing in your ears

Kho Na Jaaye Ye Taare Zameen Par
I wish these stars don't get lost on this Earth.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shauk Hai Lyrics with meaning

The translation of Shauk hai from Guru has been provided in English beneath the original lyrics.
One of the most simplest and arguably one of the best songs that AR Rahman has composed ever. A perfect example of Beauty in Simplicity. Beautifully rendered by Sowmya Raoh.

Raat ka shauk hai
I aspire of the night

Raat ki saundhi si
The earthen feel of the night time

Khamoshi ka Shauk hai
I aspire of silence

Subah ki roshni bezubaan subhon ki aur gungunaati
Those rays of the morning light humming towards the mute morning

Roshni ka shauk hai, oh shauk hai !
I aspire of light, I just aspire !

San sani anwlon ka
I aspire to taste the tangy amlas

Ke ishq ke banwlon ka
I aspire to experience the madness that lovers possess

San sani anwle
Of those pungent amlas

Ke ishq ke banwle
Of those crazy lovers

Barf se khelte badalon ka
I aspire of the clouds playing with the ice caps

Shauk hai (I aspire (to touch))

Kaash ye zindagi Khel hi khel mein kho gayi hoti
I wish this life were lost in its own play

Raat ka shauk hai
I aspire of the night

Neend ki goliyon ka
I aspire of those sleeping pills

Khwab ke loriyon ka
Of those lullabies that dreams have in store for me

Bezubaan aus ki boliyon ka; Shauk hai
I aspire of the words of these mute dew drops

Kaash ye zindagi binkahe binsune so gayi hoti
I wish this life never reacted to sound and words and just lay dead

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shayad yehi hai pyar lyrics- Life in a Metro

Lyrics with translation in English alongside
Movie: Life in a Metro
Music Director: Pritam

Baatein kuch ankahee si, kuch ansuni si hone lagi
Unspoken and unheard conversations started happening,
Kaabu dil pe raha na, hasti hamaari khone lagi
There is no control over my heart, I've lost myself,
Shaayad yehi hai pyaar
Maybe, this is love ?

Keh de mujhse dil mein kya hai, aisa bhi kya guroor
Tell me what's in your heart, why are you so stubborn?
Tujhko bhi toh ho raha hai thoda asar jaroor
I'm sure some effect is rubbing on you as well !
Yeh khaamoshi jeene na de, koi toh baat ho
This silence is killing me, tell me something at least.

Tu hi meri roshni hai, tu hi chiraag hai
You are my light, you are the flame,
Dheere dheere mit jaayega, halka sa daag hai
Its just a mild stain that would gradually disappear,
Yeh zeher bhi yun piya hai, jaise sharaab ho
I've drunk this poison as if it were liquor !

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Neele Neele amber with translation

Movie: Kalakaar
Singer: Kishore Kumar

Neele neele ambar par chaand jab aaye When the moon comes on the blue sky
Pyaar barsaaye humko tarsaaye it showers love and makes us yearn.
Aisa koi saathi ho aisa koi premi ho Let there be some partner, some lover
Pyaas dil ki bujha jaaye who quenches the thirst of the heart.

Oonche oonche parvath jab choomte hain ambar ko
When high mountains kiss the sky
Pyaasa pyaasa ambar jab choomta hai saagar ko
When the thirsty sky kisses the sea
Pyaar se kasne ko baahon mein basne ko
To bind with love and settle in the arms
Dil mera lalchaaye koi to aa jaaye
My heart longs for someone to come.

Thande thande jhonke jab baalon ko sehlayein
When the cold zephyr ruffles the hair
Tapti tapti kirnen jab gaalon ko chhoo jayein
When the hot rays of the sun caress the cheeks
Saanson ki garmi ko haathon ki narmi ko
Of the heat of one's breath and the tenderness of a palm
Mera mann tarsaaye koi to chhoo jhaaye
My heart yearns for someone to touch me.