Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shayad yehi hai pyar lyrics- Life in a Metro

Lyrics with translation in English alongside
Movie: Life in a Metro
Music Director: Pritam

Baatein kuch ankahee si, kuch ansuni si hone lagi
Unspoken and unheard conversations started happening,
Kaabu dil pe raha na, hasti hamaari khone lagi
There is no control over my heart, I've lost myself,
Shaayad yehi hai pyaar
Maybe, this is love ?

Keh de mujhse dil mein kya hai, aisa bhi kya guroor
Tell me what's in your heart, why are you so stubborn?
Tujhko bhi toh ho raha hai thoda asar jaroor
I'm sure some effect is rubbing on you as well !
Yeh khaamoshi jeene na de, koi toh baat ho
This silence is killing me, tell me something at least.

Tu hi meri roshni hai, tu hi chiraag hai
You are my light, you are the flame,
Dheere dheere mit jaayega, halka sa daag hai
Its just a mild stain that would gradually disappear,
Yeh zeher bhi yun piya hai, jaise sharaab ho
I've drunk this poison as if it were liquor !


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