Friday, February 15, 2008

Taare Zameen Par lryics - English translation

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan,Dominique,Viviene
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Dekho Inhein Yeh Hain Aus Ki Boondein
Patton Ki Godh Mein Aasmaan Se Koodein
Look at them, they are like the drops of dew that hopped on to leaves from the sky

Angdayee Lein Phir Karwat Badal Kar
They take change in their own ways

Nazuk Se Moti Hans De Phisal Kar
These gentle pearls who laugh when they slip

Kho Na Jaaye Ye Taare Zameen Par
I wish these stars don't get lost on this Earth.

Yeh To Hain Sardi Mein Dhoop Ki Kirne
These are the rays of warmth during winter

Utarein Jo Aangan Ko Sunhera Sa Karne
who have descended to bring the golden light to your houses

Mann Ke Aandheron Ko Roshan Sa Kar Dein
in order to brighten up your gloomy hearts

Thiturti Hatheli Ki Rangat Badal Dein
To change the characteristic of the shaking palms

Jaise Aankhon Ki Dibiya Mein Nindiya
Like the sleep in your eyes

Aur Nindiya Mein Meetha Sa Sapna
Of the dreams in your sleep

Aur Sapne Mein Mil Jaaye Farishta Sa Koi
Like meeting the angel of your dreams

Jaise Rangon Bhari Pichkari
Like a pump filled with vibrant hues

Jaise Titliyan Phoolon Ki Kyari
Like butterflies on fragrant flowers

Jaise Bina Matlab Ka Pyara Rishta Ho Koi
Like a meaningful relationship full of love

Yeh To Aasha Ki Lehar Hain
These are the wave of hope

Yeh To Ummeed Ki Sehar Hain
They are the dawn filled with optimism

Khusiyon Ki Nehar Hain
They are the canal of happiness

Dekho Raaton Ke Seeney Pe Yeh Toh

Jhilmil Kisi Lau Se Ugey Hain
Look at how they have sprouted like a flame against the dark sky's chest

Yeh To Amboya Ki Khusboo Hain Baagon Se Beh Chale
They are the odour of the Ambya flower that have drifted from their gardens

Jaise Kaanch Mein Choodi Ke Tukde
Like the broken pieces of a glass bangle

Jaise Khiley Khiley Phoolon Ke Mukhdey
Like the fully blossomed flower

Jaise Bansi Koi Bajaye Pedon Ke Taley
As if someone is playing the flute amidst a copse of trees

Yeh To Jhonke Hain Pawan Ke
They are the gentle zephyr

Hain Yeh Ghungharoo Jeewan Ke
They are the anklet bells of life

Yeh To Sur Hain Chaman Ke
They are the tune of the garden of spring

Muhaley Ki Raunak
Of the luminance in a colony,

Galiyan Hain Jaise
Khilney Ki Zid Par Kaliyan Hain JaiseLike the streets are
Like the the buds pestering to blossom

Muthi Mein Mausam Ki Jaise Hawayein
Like the breeze in the fists of the weather

Yeh Hain Buzurgon Ke Dil Ki Duwayein
They are the blessings of the aged.

Kabhi Baatein Jaise Dadi Nani
Sometimes they talk like our grandmothers

Kabhi Chalkein Jaise Mum Mum Paani
Sometimes they spill like the lukewarm water

Kabhi Ban Jaaye Bhole Sawaalon Ki Jhadi
Sometimes they become the bush full of innocent questions

Sannatey Mein Hansee Ke Jaise
Like the laughter in a silent environment

Sooney Hothon Pe Khushi Ke Jaise
Like the smile of joy on someone's dry lips

Yeh To Noor Hain Barse agar Teri Kismat Ho Badi
Your fate must be blessed to come across these gems

Jaise Jheel Mein Lehraye Chanda
Like the moon drifts at the reflection of a lake
Jaise Bheed Mein Apne Ka Kandha
Like the support of a loved one in a crowd
Jaise Manmauji Nadiya Jhaag Udaye Kuch Kahe
Like the exuberant river spumes froth
Kaliyan Hain Jaise
Like the buds are
Jaise Baithe Meethi Si Jhapki
They sit like the sweet hugs
Jaise Pyar Ki Dheemi Si Thapki
Like the affectionate touch of love
Jaise Kaanon Mein Sargam Hardam Bajti Hi Rahe
Like the dulcet melody of the 7 swaras keep playing in your ears

Kho Na Jaaye Ye Taare Zameen Par
I wish these stars don't get lost on this Earth.


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Anil On d Way said...

Fantastic work.......
Really excellent yaar....great job..

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Taare Zameen Par

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Some suggestions for improvement

Jaise bina-matlab ka rishta ho koi
(As a 'Selfless' relationship full of love')

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