Friday, January 15, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya (VTV) Music - A Review

Much awaited from ARR after Sakkarakatti and his Oscar, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya's music held high hopes way ahead of its release. And when it came, it amazed everyone. According to me, this is one of ARR's most quirky and experimental albums in recent times. The songs have a completely different approach and do not follow any standard patterns. And that is exactly what gives the album a raw and exotic appeal which doesn't conform to usual mass standards.

Omana Penne: Benny Dayal, Kalyani Menon
Much was said earlier about Naresh Iyer being the next Karthik and Benny Dayal being the next Naresh Iyer. But with all 3 in the album in their comfortable home zones, its difficult to decide who is the best. Benny Dayal has proved his mettle yet again with this genre. The very unusual usage of classical instruments like the violin and nadaswaram in the background bolster the contemporary rhythm remarkably. This one seems to have left quite an impression on the man by the Mallu lass. Looks like we are going to hear a lot of Omana Penne in fusion music competitions in India.

Kannukul Kannai: Naresh Iyer
Pacing faster than the rest of the songs in the album, this one has some funky techno beats and involves a lot of added sound mixing. Would someone clarify if the opening is a violin or a cello ? If it really is just a violin; only ARR can make it sound that way. We've heard better from Naresh Iyer, but this is definitely not the best of the lot. The persistent hero is not going to let it go easy. The woman has to submit.

Anbil Avan: Devan Ekambaram, Chinmayee
I have almost begun to expect Chinmayee to sound different in every album. How does she manage to do it ? Its a delight to listen to Devan too, his voice just eases you out. Personally I love his voice in the last 20 seconds of the song. Celebrations are in the air. Church music, a disappointed Jeyaraj at his loss for not doing what he has always done and the white vision might just be complete with this track. The girl can't fathom anything beyond our man.

Aaromale: Alphons Joseph
Rock Band aspirants - here is your anthem. Take it and vanish. Yes yes, the strings are very Pink Floyd and Nirvana-ish; we all know that. But shut up and listen to what follows- then go jump. Where did this man come from ? I can almost imagine the crowd going crazy in concerts when this song comes up. Swasthi swasthi sumuhurtham could just be the next chant. There's a strange intensity juxtaposing the softness in the song and more violins, dear lord - have mercy. Aaromale is bound to get you high. No exaggerations! Best of the lot and my pick of the album for endless loop listening sessions.

Hosanna: Vijay Prakash, Suzanne, Blaaze
One minute into the song and you think - ok, so this is going to be the haunting soothing melody, but this serpentines into a foot-tapping, jive-worthy pop. Suzanne's crooning is a like a breeze on a sultry day, you are left with wanting more. Blaaze's rap gives us some hip to hop. Our man is calling out to the girl and he even offers his other heart for her to shatter. And she says Hosanna!!

Mannipaya: Shreya Ghoshal, AR Rahman
Ok, here's your haunting soothing melody. Please don't brand this as the next Munbe vaa. The woman is asking for forgiveness in her honeydew voice and even the most cruel person in the world would oblige her. She seems to have gone the extra mile to get the pronunciation right. Every time Shreya Ghoshal utters Mannipaya (3:45 - 3:57) - it is sheer musical magic. Can some tell me what raga this is? How can I not say something about THE man in this track. Rahman's nasal wheezy high toned voice is unmatchable in this song. He sounds slightly different from what he does usually, that's probably because of the nasal undertone. Lesser said, the better. Just close your eyes and sway!

Vinnathaandi Varuvaya: Karthik
When did we last listen to Karthik sing for ARR ? I could not relate to this song instantly. The unconventional approach is a little hard to take in at first. But it is like tasting beer for the first time, you don't like it at all - but still keep drinking. Beautifully unplugged and very queer.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya with its February release, perfectly sets in the mood for Valentine's Day. The Rahman-Gautham combination seems to have sparked a curiosity already. Let's see if the attraction surpasses the Harris-Gautham partnership. But overall, VTV as an album is a delight !


Hobbes said...

Great review of an awesome album ... The first time i heard the album, I was instantly mesmerized by Aaoromale and Hosanna ... The rest grew on me each time i listened ... Aoromale, I describe as an 'avial' of Aerosmith, Malayalam and Samskritam ... The album I dont think matches up to the heights of classics like Delhi 6 but is a fantastic listen nonetheless ...


Aravind said...

very good review, Rumz! :)

//Rahman's nasal wheezy high toned voice is unmatchable in this song. //

Totally in love with it... Just that portion by Rahman is wha I've set as my hello tune :D call panni paaru :D

vijay said...

Songs r not quite catchy
we got to listen more than one to remember which songs we r listening to
but kannukule song was nice
but visualization makes the difference, yesterday in TV, oh Sana song visuals were shown, its kinda nice

Sreeni R said...

Excellent review... Long Live Music, & May ARR's work Live as Long as Music Lives.

I instantly fell in love with this Album. Though honest opinion, this is not the First Time Rahman is trying these things. As Rahman's fans we'll know exactly where he tried some of these stuff before. i'm referring to Kadhal Virus, Kangalal Kaithu Sei, ah aahh, delhi 6. ARR did test these formulas there and now he's come out with a perfected plan.

One song which is very new experimentation from him is Aaromale, and oh Boy thats awesome. I'm already addicted to this song and i'm still unable to recover. my MotoROKR plays only VTV these days.

Thank you Ramya for the review.

rsubras said...

good review :) ur review compelled me listen to VTV once again

uk said...

Wow! Thats Awesome review for this beautiful album ... If I would have been in India this time, I would have experienced the euphoria of rahman's album release day .. the build up from the media, friends etc etc which always adds more value to the song and brings us to that mood to hear his songs ...

Missing all those here in U.S .. But, after a long time, I kind of got that mood to hear a song asap just by reading this review .. Great work! will be looking for more ...

whoami said...

I never thought we could do this with Malayalam lyrics. Aaromale is the next big thing. ARR truly rules!

I guess the singer itself is a big time music director in malluwood. Its time for Himesh to learn from him ;)

arty said...

fantastic review! love how you've perfectly captured the feel of the album in words. nice work! :-)

A friend of you and all said...

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Madhav said...

I'm sure this album would form as a base for future music to start with kind of unconventional touch to cine music in India.
Initially I could not catch up with the tune and it did not impress me much. After the movie got released, after listening for a while, I could not resist listening for the song everyday. That's the magic it has created.
My fav list goes as(top song first)
1. Mannippaya, Aromale
2. Hosaana, Omana penne
3. Anbil Avan
4. Title song
5. Kannukul kannai

kiran said...

Classical ARR all the way.. What is to be noticed is the songs are not too loud and hence very comforting on the ears..

Raju said...

Hi, I think it is my first time commenting here.. From one 5+ year blogger to another.. :)

About VTV songs. U r absolutely spot-on about the songs. I am madly in love with the songs, even after 10 months of listening to them. I tune into 'AR on Air' on SS Music daily at 8-8.30 AM during my breakfast time, just to catch one VTV song (and the SSM guys usually do show them, for me :))

IMHO, VTV is the best Rahman musical after Lagaan happened. Unbelievable variety in songs, and, to differ with you, superb picturization, including good performance(s) by Simbhu.

In your other post, when you wrote about 'Kanne thadumari nadanthen', in the movie, those last few seconds are shot at Sathyam, on bike, and near a seashore.

First Sathyam.. Beautiful to show the hero's love in movies (n theaters). Whenever I visited Sathyam after Feb 2010, i wanted to those steps on the walkway. I watched VTV 5 times in Sathyam alone, and 8 times totally so far. :)

Next, on bike. The euphoria riding the bike in good speed is well blended with the joy in falling in love with his darling. I think Simbu expressed beautifully, riding bike in one hand, and showing emotions with the other (and, the bike too plays a good role throughout the movie..).

Finally, on the seashore (near mahabalipuram?) During 'urugi urugi' (as the music gets layered with some 'salangai' and bass), when Trisha waves at him with a big, sweet, innocent smile, OMG.. my heart melts every time I watch it, and I get goosebumps. And, whatever I have explained so far, is only a fraction of what I want to express about those few seconds. :)
I've never liked Simbhu and Trisha, and I doubt I ever will.
But, in VTV, they both were fabulous. Once in a lifetime roles and performances.

ravi-mad- said...

I just want to know,he want an sorry or his answer............