Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shop till you drop

I'm a complete shopaholic, I totally love shopping, be it for myself or others or just simply window shopping. But I have my own preferences. T.Nagar or the neighboring Pondy bazaar in Madras is usually referred to as the shopper's paradise. The one stop place for everything. Or rather, what that's what people call it !
When my mother drags me there. I always muse on how the architects come up with a way to squeeze in those multi-storeyed buildings, where I thought no land existed ! Some of the best-bargains are out in the sun on the platforms. From funky junk jewellery that I don't to wear to bags and footwear that I'm crazy about to the cotton clothes that last exactly 3 washes. The range is quite vast.
But the best part I like about all this, is the post-shopping time. It is so rightly said that patience pays! In this case, after all that pushing, foot stomping, waiting and bargaining I get rewarded with a awesome meal at Mansukhs's.
The way in which the dollop of butter melts its way in between the thick layers of the parantha or the tangy chutney with their dhoklas or their kaala khatta, leaves me craving for more.
Anyways, shopping at T.nagar/Pondy bazaar requires a very high degree of patience and is not for those fickle souls like me who can't decide what they want, and land up buying everything or at times nothing at all!


Anu said...

I love shopping too! Its more like a girl thingy ! Men will never understand !

Purnima said...

Men will never understand !