Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why do you stare?

After a 6 year long wait, Radhika's sister was getting married. Radhika was seated close to the dais looking at the proceedings. She was tired of the multiple rituals before the the holy nuptial knot was tied. People came and went. She was looking at them all until her eyes settled on this man seated diagonally across her. She had never seen him before. Probably the groom's relative, she thought. She gave him a warm smile and he returned it.
She turned her gaze towards the dais. Her sister was smiling ever so quaintly at her husband to be. They made such a cute pair, she thought.
Radhika looked again in his direction, and their gazes met.
He was looking at her constantly. Her heart started to beat out of its cage, everytime someone looked at her that way. He'd never seen anyone like her before. Her appearance tugged his heartstrings. She felt uneasy about his obscure stare. He took out his handkerchief and patted his forehead. A few moments later someone whispered something into his ears and she noticed his mouth curve into an "oh".

Who wouldn't feel sympathetic when you are a quadruple amputee?