Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life in a Metro- In dino

This is a very beautifully rendered soft rock song that belongs to the genre that the Pakistani bands have mastered much earlier. The young music director Pritam is finding a place amongst the love birds with this romantic song.
Singer: Soham
Lyrics: Syed Quadri

In dino, dil mera, mujhse hai keh raha
These days my heart is telling me to
Tu khwaab saja, tu ji le jara
design my dreams and live my life better
Hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, karle tu bhi mohabbat
You must also love for you have the rights to

Berang si hai badi zindagi, kuch rang toh bharoon
My life has become pale, let me fill it with some colors
Main apni tanahaayi ke waaste ab kuchh toh karoon
Let me do something about my loneliness too

Jab mile thodi fursat , khud se karle mohabbat
When you find some time, one must love the self

Hai tujhe bhi izaazat, karle tu bhi mohabbat
You must also love for you have the rights to

Usko chhupaakar main sabse kabhi le chaloon kahin door
I want to hide her and take her somewhere very far
Aankhon ke pyaalon se pita rahoon uske chehre ka noor
From the chalice of my eyes, I want to keep drinking the beauty of her face

Is zamaane se chhupakar , puri karloon main hasrat
Hiding from this society, I want to complete my grief & longing.
Hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, karle tu bhi muhabbat
You must also love for you have the rights to

(In dino dil mera...)


rsubras said...

Learn Hindi in 30 days nu oru site open pannina engala maathiri pasangalukku usefull ah irukkum :D

Anonymous said...

beautiful Song!!! its perfect for a movie like life in a metro!!

~phobiac~ said...

is it "khud se karle mohabbat"

or "mujhse karle muhabbat" ?!?!?



Subramanya Shiva said...
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Subramanya Shiva said...

There is nothing like instant love(khud mohabbat) must be "mujhse karle muhabbat"